The Madhubani painting is said to be one of the most famous art forms that originated from India. It is often practiced by people in the region of Nepal and Bihar. They are formed with different geometric figures and bright colors. they are also known for the ritual side. like…

The lord Krishna shows his love for music with a melodious piece of musical instrument, the flute. the painting shows how the lord Krishna loves to play flutes, seems very peaceful and mediated. That complete expression is the sound of joy. the sweet music of the flute, a form of bells and conches describes a divine bliss altogether the artist showcase Lord Krishna's mesmerized moment while playing the flute. the artist depicts the soul of Lord Krishna in the frame. the frame bifurcate into two parts of meaning. which are passion and love

adding on it, the artist showcases the symbol of love. on the left side of the picture the eternal love of Lord Krishana which is so soothing.

Hey readers, Cheer up for another interesting piece of note. I hope you like a lady or all hunk men out there, your wives, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends more relate to it or it should be more relatable in a certain manner. so let's begin.

The thought behind is more…

Hey All, hope you all are doing great. and I always wish, you guys will be rock it! in every sense.

For a while not sharing my thoughts on the paper, so today seems a super cheerful, windy, and romantic day. feels write something absolutely realistic and relevant to each…

Find our side hustle.

Hey you guys,

This year was magical and toxic in terms of uncertainty. we faced a lot due to this, somewhere mental peace collapse badly. nonetheless, we have to move on and keep going. looking towards the back days in this year it was so much learning lesson to each one, manage by own, financial crises and never-ending things happens continuously. but one thing you guys notice, we are still adjusting, what nature serves us, right!! so why not we find our own strength and explore it. so let's began with finding your own power.

such amazing tricks and tips click on the link given.

Ar.Ruchika Karade

hey, I am architect and M.des i.e Product Designer too. sharing my perception on productivity, positivity, motivational, mindfulness, lifestyle and food.

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